Who We Are


Our Mission

Environmental advocacy, education and defense of Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean.

What is Papa Bois Conservation?

Our name is inspired by Papa Bois, a figure in local folklore. He is the protector of the forest and its inhabitants. He is a benign figure, except when harm is done to that which is in his care. In a cruel twist of irony, emblematic of the way in which we have treated our islands’ nature, Papa Bois has traditionally been depicted as a somewhat dangerous and scary figure. It is time to change attitudes and put this protector of life back on his pedestal by creating awareness about our environment, its beauty, its importance, the challenges facing it and by offering solutions wherever possible.

Papa Bois Conservation is an advocate for the environment in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. Film and photography are used to bring awareness and education to the public. The PBC Facebook page is an interactive environmental forum on which all are invited to discuss environmental issues.



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